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    Fans (W/Email) Poem Date
    32)Crow Angel
    From:Renton, Wa

    Sky turned grey

    A poem inspired by "Stinger"
    The rain has not stopped,
    but the clouds, gone away.
    They seem to have hidden,
    while I while turned away.
    But more peculiar, still,
    as I look to the sky,
    It is still just as grey
    before they went to hide.

    The nights are quite dismal,
    The moon comes no more.
    No sense in opening,
    the lock on my door.
    For I've no where to go,
    now you've left my side,
    and I no longer see perpose,
    in living with life.

    A heart is a small,
    delecate thing.
    Made of fine crystal,
    and held there with string.
    It's easily broken,
    with looks and hard tones.
    and the strings can be severed,
    with words from sharp toungs.
    So hold to you fast,
    your beating young heart,
    and pray to your god,
    it won't fall apart.

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    From:North Dakota


    Images of you then,now,soon keep changing-so far untainted.
    I'm playing mind games with myself, yet I'm never the winner.
    These twistings start creeping out of me as I seem to crave sadness,
    a companion that used to be the only one who would listen.
    These evil stupuidities escape,seeping into reality,
    and I don't want them there.
    I'm so sick of this, the way I almost uncontrollably try to find something to
    derive-to find pain from.
    I don't need it anymore. I'm trying to discard it,
    but ridding myself of this characteristic is like trying to separate from a
    It's just always seemed to be there-imagined depth.
    I lie to myself about the shallowness I breed inside of me.

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    34)David Hoy
    From:Chicago, Ill.

    Lost My Faith

    There is nothing left when I lose you,
    Death is to good for me when I'm without you.
    I've looked into your eyes and seen my love and life.
    Taken by "god" or so it seems,
    Your death will always haunt my dreams...

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    35)Michael Griffin

    The Dead Among Us

    The night is cold.
    All my feelings fold.
    I see a crow fly high.
    I here the angels cry.
    "The dead are among us."
    They walk with a purpose.
    All that die in vein.
    Shall come come to reap again.
    The Crow shall guide them in their way.
    So an innocent man shall see another day.
    You and me could be one.
    Who lives to spoil the evil fun.
    So don't be afraid to die.
    For you the crow may fly.

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    36)Shadow Light the Lost Soul
    From:My Own Personal Insanity

    "Darkness Come For Me"

    (In Loving Memory to My CCQ I miss you my angel...........)

    Darkness come for me
    Overrule my soul
    Flood my mind
    Take me away in time
    Drowning in the burning sea
    And all I say is,
    "Darkness come for me."

    Tempting serpent of death and greed
    Oh come oh come oh come for me
    Weaving webs of entanglement
    Spider's poison in my veins
    Make me buckle
    Make me bleed
    Come I beg ye, darkness, come for me.

    Shred my sanity in the grater
    Burn my morality away with acid
    Cloud my thoughts with agony's pleasure
    Taunt me when I am awake
    Haunt me through my dreamings
    But in the end don't leave me broken
    Please, come for me darkness.
    Close the eyes with ebony
    Tinge the lips in blue
    Pale the face in anorexic sickness
    Shed the lavender vitals open seeping
    Mortality upon yer bloodied palms
    Curing panic and pain in the scarred soul
    And now, will ye, darkness come for me?

    Bound the body to the rack
    Rope biting into soft flesh of ankle and wrist
    Stretch the tendons, snap the ligaments
    Pulling bones in sickening cracks
    Poke out the eyes of dreams
    Allow the knife of reality to slice the throat
    And the blood gurgled voice,"Darkness come for me."

    Tottering mind on the edge of madness
    Broken body, immortal suffering, beyond repair
    Raven soul wrapped in eternal depression
    Always there in roving tired eyes
    Painful guts spilling to the ground
    With the blackened sieve for reaping
    And upon the shadows whispers, "Darkness come for me."

    Tightening noose around the neck
    Schizophrenia settling in the soul
    Fire coursing through the brain
    Murdering cells in burning silver nitrate
    Scratching away the face's flesh
    Blood rivulets streaming downwards
    And only one thing to say, "Darkness come for me."
    Finally, the shadows answered,
    "Why should we come for thee?"
    "Oh come ,oh come , oh come for me," I say,
    "Come and take away agony's sorrow
    Drive away the fears and pain
    For mortal suffering tis bearable, but soul suffering tis nae."
    And so the darkness shall come for me, mind, body, and soul.

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    37)Shadow Light the Lost Soul
    From:My Own Personal Insanity

    "The Reign of the Shadow Demons"

    Break through the silence
    And answer the call
    Become darkness' defiance
    Watch the angels fall.

    As the black dawn arises
    The hell fires shall burn
    Daemons come out of disguises
    The people now learn.

    Rivers will flow with blood
    Bodies on banks lay slain
    Everything in crypts of mud
    Black tears filled with pain.
    The angels and God all in mourning
    Saved are the one who believe
    As the suffering comes without warning
    The devil's darkness does achieve.

    Everywhere burning to stirring ashes
    Souls crushed beyond repair
    Backs covered in sores of whip slashes
    The ones of darkness to heir.

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  • Fans (W/Email) Poem Date
    38)Shadow Light the Lost Soul
    From:My Own Personal Insanity

    "Destiny Dark"

    As the innocent blood is spilt
    The dying struggle to rise but wilt.

    The darkest demon laughs in hate
    For he hath chosen the darkest fate.

    To lose his love, his soul, his mind
    To night, to life, to darkest bind.

    His blood in veins to grow cold
    To ice to form the demonic mold.

    In the shadows of a life before
    His soul casts love forevermore.

    To find the one he bonded to
    To remember what twas lost in dew.

    Now both be reborn into the night
    Both to find each other in the fight.

    And now he lays here at the door
    His blood on the snow does outpour.

    To take her punishment all in strife
    To fight for love and lose his life.

    The fallen warrior's battle fled
    His mind is lost to the dead.

    And now on last breath to be made
    The shadow one is there laid.

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    39)Shadow Light the Lost Soul
    From:My Own Personal Insanity

    "Ode to the Reaper"

    I walk alone along the path
    Leaving behind blood in my wrath
    My only peace the aftermath.

    I carry the bloody sieve
    I decide whose life to thieve
    Leaving behind those to grieve.

    So come an dance with me
    Follow the blood path for eternity
    And may all the light ones flee.

    You may call me the reaper
    Call me the secret keeper
    Or even the crypt creeper.

    Listen to the bells tolls
    Listen to the breaking souls
    Taking away all on death rolls.

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    40)Shadow Light the Lost Soul
    From:My Own Personal Insanity

    "Shadow Love"

    Buried in the darkness seeping
    Walking around the unsleeping.

    In the heart of hate and grief
    The hardened soul-stealing thief.

    Undaunting watching eyes
    Stalk the weakened prize.

    The prize she struggles to arise
    But silenced in fears and cries.

    He watches what he once beheld
    Love, it ruled and now it failed.

    Into the darkness she closes her eyes
    And utters two last struggling sighs.

    One lost love mourns the dead
    As bloody tears slip on her head

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    41)the lizard king
    From:San Mateo & elsewhere

    Death takes the back seat

    white knuckle grip steering wheel screams.
    cracks the windshield,
    pretty baby scar forming my angel next to fearful panic breath,
    last time to see this place,
    land of transmutation darkness will there be light?
    "who will be with me?"
    afraid. sad. wanted to do more.

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    42)Amy Coven
    From:Ft.Lauderdale, Florida, USA


    Missing you
    A poem in tender memory of Brandon Lee,
    RIP 1965-1993

    I hear your voice throught the rain drops as it hit softly on your gravestone now,
    and then my tears started to fall down.
    Oh, do I wish to see your loving face once again,
    instead I have nothing but sorrow and pain.

    A crow flew overhead,
    then perched on your grave.
    He started to caw and I know,
    that it was a call for the dead by he; the crow.
    I got up from sitting on the dirt as the rain fell from above,
    in my hand, I'm holding the Crow Soundtrack, then I whispered the following words:
    "It Can't rain all the Time,"
    to you, my love.

    Then I left the grave and i knew that maybe one day,
    I'll meet you again.

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    From:Charlotte, NC

    The Feelings Within

    You see my smile while your walking by,'
    this smile is forced and only I know why.
    If you take time to look at my life,
    you'll see why I'd love to end it all with a knife.
    I wish sometimes that I would die,
    and go to that glistening place in the sky.
    But I know that telling people won't help anything,
    so I leave you with these feelings and the sadness I bring.

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    From:Charlotte, NC

    Can You Hear Me?

    The sadness inside burns like never before,
    I dont think people care anymore.

    If I were to be shot and die the next day,
    would you be happy and feel no dismay?

    Is my life all going to go to waste,
    filled with anger, despair, and bad taste?

    Do you understand the feelings brought with what I speak?
    or will I wonder alone, with happiness I seak.

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